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Lagoon Micro-ecologies



Admission fee
Free of charge

Reservation is required at info@ocean-space.org

“Lagoon Micro-ecologies”, is the title of the second series of itinerant conversations “Venice as a Model for the Future?” curated by Barbara Casavecchia and Pietro Consolandi for TBA21−Academy and Ocean Space.

This new chapter moves beyond the urban boundaries of the city of Venice towards the islands of its lagoon. The participants direct their steps and gazes to the land and the seascapes created by the interaction between various species, not only human, that inhabit them: from coastal sand to garden soil, from salt marshes, a thriving home to wild plants and birds, to seabeds populated by tiny fish and molluscs.

In inviting us to rethink landscapes as “assemblages” of coexisting life forms, requiring “habits of noticing”, scholar and anthropologist Anna Tsing reminds us that they are “open-ended gatherings. They allow us to ask about communal effects without assuming them. They show us the potential histories in the making.”*

The practice of walking and talking together creates spaces for listening and sharing, helping us to immerse ourselves in an ecosystem. All the meetings (free, subject to reservation via info@ocean-space.org) will be conducted by different guides. We will meet on Fridays, every two weeks.

*Anna Tsing, When The Things We Study Respond to Each Other, in: More-than-Human, ed. by Andrés Jaque, Marina Otero Verzier, Lucia Pietroiusti, and Lisa Mazza, co-published by Het Nieuwe Instituut, Office for Political Innovation, General Ecology Project at the Serpentine Galleries and Manifesta Foundation, 2020..


  1. Friday, May 7 - Lara Endrizzi - Amid the sand dunes: how to see a forgotten ecosystem, Oasi San Nicolò, Lido

  2. Friday, May 21- Marco Bravetti - A live pantry for a community in fermentation, Castello

  3. Friday, May 28 - Amina Chouairi - Memories of sand: the salt marshes of the central lagoon, San Servolo

  4. Friday, June 11 - Michele Savorgnano and Sara Paolini - The soils of Venice: light footed on the ground, Giudecca

  5. Friday, June 25 - Ruggero Di Paola - How to live with the dunes?, Oasi Dune degli Alberoni al Lido

  6. Friday, July 2 - Camillo Rigato and Piero Santostefano - Coexistence and migration in a fossil dune, Stazione Biofenologica di Cavallino

  7. Friday, July 9 - Lorenzo Bonometto - On the salt marshes, Campalto

  8. Saturday, September 25 - Family Busetto - The story of a mussel from the lagoon to the sea, Pellestrina

  9. Saturday, October 2 - Ecomuseum Lazzaretti Veneziani - The landscape as a museum: the Salt Marsh Path, Lazzaretto Nuovo

  10. Saturday, October 9 - Alberto Barausse / LIFE Vimine - Rebuilding with water and mud: a breathing lagoon, Torcello


“Lagoon Micro-ecologies” is part of TBA21–Academy’s program, "The Current III", Mediterraneans: ‘Thus waves come in pairs’ (after Etel Adnan), led by Barbara Casavecchia.

The "Current" is a transdisciplinary program of perception, listening, thought and learning that supports projects, collective education, and voices on the shores of the Mediterranean through art, culture, science, and activism.