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The ocean is a shared public responsibility. With our emphasis on frontline investigation, research across disciplines, and co-creation that merges knowledge systems, TBA21–Academy inspires awareness, participation, and solution-finding for the ocean’s most challenging issues. We are creating Ocean Space to serve as a global commons, a place that welcomes individuals from around the world to collaboratively imagine a radically different future for the earth.

— Markus Reymann, Co-Founder and Director of TBA21–Academy

Individuals and corporations play a vital role providing support for Ocean Space and help raising awareness and public understanding on the urgent global issues relating to the oceans through the vibrant language of the arts.

Patrons and Donors

Ocean Space is always looking for environmental defenders and ambassadors, patrons, art lovers, and philanthropists who embrace our mission and goals and will allow us to advance our educational and interdisciplinary programs for all and enable to support artists, researchers, educators, and scientists pursuing exemplary projects related to ocean literacy, research, and advocacy.

To begin a conversation about donations please contact development@ocean-space.org.

Corporate Support and Initiatives

Partnership with Ocean Space offers your company a unique opportunity for civic involvement and different ways to activate, engage, and inspire employees and clients.

We involve our corporate partners in Ocean Space’s international platform where they can speak to local and global audiences and explore new ideas and projects.

To begin a conversation about corporate support and discover benefits please contact development@ocean-space.org.

Private dinner at Ocean Space, September 2019
Private dinner at Ocean Space, September 2019.
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