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Abecedarium: the Ocean in Sign Language

"Abecedarium: the Ocean in Sign Language" is the new interactive project conceived and curated by Valeria Bottalico, museum accessibility expert, and created in collaboration with the ENS-Ente Nazionale Sordi ONLUS (National Agency for the Deaf), which aims to map out and create a new vocabulary for the ocean and its environment in Italian Sign Language (LIS), starting with a hands-on event that actively involves the deaf community.

The goal of "Abecedarium: the Ocean in Sign Language" is to create a shared glossary of signs relating to the oceans and the climate emergency, with the scientific support of the Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR-ISMAR). Ocean Space will therefore be collaborating with the National Agency for the Deaf to actively involve the Italian deaf community in mapping out all the existing and / or known signs relating to the marine world, to verify which signs are not part of everyday use (such as the term "Anthropocene” for example) with the aim of creating a common vocabulary for the deaf community.


** Currently the open call has closed**

This is a call for the selection of bilingual deaf people (LIS and Italian) who are based in Italy to be involved in reflecting on the known and / or existing signs relating to the marine world, after a series of training sessions run by the Educational Department of Ocean Space with the support of the CNR-ISMAR Institute of Marine Sciences, research bodies, associations, universities and professionals.

The selected candidates will take part in the creation of a sign language glossary in collaboration with the Educational Department of Ocean Space and ENS. The working group will participate in 15 training meetings with an established weekly calendar, from January 2021 until spring, designed to explore the issues relating to ocean conservation, and the importance of creating and having access to a vocabulary that can be used and shared by everyone.

You can apply by filling in the following online form (in Italian).

Applications must be received by Monday November 16 2020. Unfortunately applications received after this deadline will not be considered.

Potential candidates will be contacted for an interview.