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Cinema Galleggiante

Unknown waters - III edition



Full programme - Bookings from www.cinemagalleggiante.it from Tuesday 16 August.

For the third year, Ocean Space takes part to the third edition of "Cinema Galleggiante - Unknown Waters", a cycle of screenings that takes place exclusively on the waters of the Venetian Lagoon from Thursday 25 August to Saturday 10 September 2022.

The theme of the third edition of the festival is the surreal, dreamlike and hallucinatory visions, and the absurd. This search for paradox is at the core of the nature of the "Cinema Galleggiante - Unknown Waters" where, in a floating context that leans towards the unreal, its first aim is to trigger a collective enchantment in the lagoon horizon. This year’s programming therefore aims to echo this mechanism and amplify the perception that transcends the ordinary.

On Friday September 2, Ocean Space will present a body of work selected together with TBA21–Academy, with the special participation of Sardinia Film Commission, that responds to the theme of this new edition:

  • Sardinia Film Commission production | Special project NAS - New Animation in Sardegna:

Riccardo Atzeni, "Augmented", 2022, (20’’);

Erica Meloni, "Il Mare negli Occhi", 2022, (15’’);

Barbara Pirisi, "Diventare un'isola", 2022, (10’’);

Matteo Porcu, "Spazi semplici", 2022, (15’’).

These animations have their roots in the research scouting "Marine, terrestrial, and aerial animals, humans and more-than-humans" - National Park of Asinara (Sardinia), July 2022, developed as part of The Current III: Mediterraneans in collaboration with with Sardegna Film Commission production | special project NAS - New Animation in Sardegna.

  • Raffaela Naldi Rossano, "WARP", 2022, (30').WARP is commissioned by LIAF - Lofoten International Art Festival - 2022 with the support of TBA21–Academy.
  • Abdessamad El Montassir, "Galb’Echaouf", (18'48'').

TBA21–Academy's contribution to the Floating Cinema 2022 is part of the three-year cycle The Current III “Mediterraneans: ‘Thus waves come in pairs’ (after Etel Adnan)”, led by Barbara Casavecchia.

"Cinema Galleggiante – Unknown Waters", is a project conceived by Edoardo Aruta e Paolo Rosso presented by Microclima, in collaboration with Ocean Space/ TBA21−Academy, Pentagram Stiftun, Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana - Pinault Collection, Fondazione In Between Art Film, Collezione Peggy Guggenheim, COMBO, Chantal Crousel Consulting and Padiglione Nazionale dell’Uzbekistan.

Spectators will be able to watch the programming from both their own boats, and from a barge designed to accommodate members of the public without a boat, with free booking.


For more information and to discover the complete program of the third edition of "Cinema Galleggiante - Unknown Water" please visit the website: www.cinemagalleggiante.it from Monday 8 August.

Booking is required.

PHOTO: Chiara Beccattini