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SOS Laguna

Presentation of the new book by Prof. Luigi D’Alpaos


Ocean Space
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Free of charge

SOS Laguna is the latest contribution dedicated to the most recent problems of the lagoon and its difficult relationship with modern man, whose objectives are not aligned with safeguarding the lagoon environment and are pursued without taking due account of the generation defining phenomenon that is the probable rise in the average sea level occurring the century. A rise now confirmed by the majority of international authoritative bodies.

The author, Professor Emeritus of Hydraulics, University of Padua, will be in conversation with Giovanni Caniato of the State Archives of Venice to contextualize the past and future problems concerning Venice and its lagoon, the heated polemics and the strong contrasts.

It's a volume that will stir conversation and bring new elements to the ongoing debate on the safe-guarding of Venice lagoon and its commercial port.

The event is produced by Ocean Space, We Are Here Venice in collaboration with Mare di Carta.

Photo: Arianna Ferraretto