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Educational Workshop

Workshop: Sculpture from the sea

at Blue Horizon


Admission fee
Free of charge
Target Age

5-10 years old

Plastic is a constant element of our daily landscape, having devastating effects on both land and marine habitats, as well as the health of its inhabitants. Encouraging responsible (re)use of plastic is of crucial importance when striving for a plastic-free world.

Children will design and create sculptures inspired by the sea in this dedicated workshop, using recycled materials and repurposing plastic that has been removed from the city, beaches. The waste material will be revitalised into eco art sculptures to serve as a cue for a mindful treatment of our environment.

The workshop will be held at the Ex Cantiere Lucchese during Blue Horizon: a day dedicated to the promotion of sustainable living starting from the territory of Venice and its lagoon.

Foto: Nicolò Miana.