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Rights of Nature: Compendium and Zoöp

As part of the program “How to Do a Zoöp”


Ocean Space
Admission fee
Free of charge


Het Nieuwe Instituut presents the publication “Rights of Nature. Case studies from six continents” at Ocean Space in Venice. This compendium of rights-of-nature implementations worldwide pays special attention to the relationship between different indigenous worldviews and various legal tactics. “Rights of Nature” was commissioned by the Embassy of the North Sea.

The presentation will be preceded at 9.00 am by a breakfast offered to participants.

How to Do a Zoöp

This public event is the first part of “How to Do a Zoöp”, a programme that explores the legal status of more-than-humans and the Zoöp model as a way for organisations to work with the rights of nature in their operational sphere. The programme is part of the official Dutch contribution to the Venice Biennale, “Who is We?” It has been organised in collaboration with the Embassy of the North Sea, TBA21–Academy’s Ocean Space and We Are Here Venice. Featuring presentations, discussions and a research workshop, it will culminate in the public launch of the Zoöp Manifesto and the legal documentation of the Zoöp model. The programme is part of “The Pavilion Days” from 23 to 24 September 2021.

The second part of “How to Do a Zoöp” is a private session, a two days research workshop on a Zoöp in Venice, in which the Zoöp approach is applied to Ocean Space and the dynamic surroundings of Venice and the Lagoon. The capstone of the programme is the public launch, in the Dutch Pavilion, of the Zoöp Manifesto and the legal documentation of the Zoöp model.

For the full research programme in Venice: https://zoop.hetnieuweinstituut.nl/research-zoop-venice

For the full program of activities of “How to Do a a Zoöp”: https://zoop.hetnieuweinstituu...

Follow the live stream of “Rights of Nature: Compendium and Zoöp” and “Founding Zoöps” on ocean-archive.org or at https://live.hetnieuweinstituut.nl.

With: Jessica den Outer, (NL, legal expert, adviser and co-author of the Rights of Nature compendium), Laura Burgers, (NL, legal expert, co-author of the Rights of Nature compendium), Daphina Misiedjan (NL, Assistant Professor at International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam), Shrishtee Bajpai (BD, Rights of Nature activist and researcher), Justin Sobion (NZ, PhD candidate Environmental Law, Auckland University) Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, (NL, researcher at Het Nieuwe Instituut, initiator of the Zoöp project) Harpo ‘t Hart (NL, Embassy of the North Sea).


Zoöp is the title of a new organisational model for cooperation between human and nonhuman life that safeguards the interests of all zoë (Greek for ‘life’). The Zoöp model makes the interests of nonhuman life part of organisational decision making. Zoöps contribute to the legal standing of non-human life within human societies and contribute to ecological regeneration, or quality of life for their entire multispecies communities.
By applying the zoönomic year cycle, zoöps gradually transform their operation towards support of the larger zoönomy, the earth encompassing, life-generating systems and networks of exchange between organic and geo-physical bodies. https://zoop.hetnieuweinstituut.nl


Participation is free but a reservation is required at the following link.

From August 6 all visitors must present a valid Covid-19 Green Certification (Green Pass) to access Ocean Space.

In accordance with the current rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Ocean Space's capacity has been reduced to ensure a safe experience.

Inside Ocean Space wearing a mask is mandatory (covering both the nose and mouth correctly) hands must be sanitized with the disinfectant at the entrance. At the entrance, visitors’ temperatures will be taken.