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Murano and glass between history and innovation with Alice de Santillana (AUTONOMA) and Marcantonio Brandolini D’Adda (LagunaB)

Nowtilus. Storie da una laguna urbana del 21esimo secolo



Available on Ocean Archive, SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcast.

In the eighth episode of our podcast series “Nowtilus. Stories from an urban lagoon in the 21st century”, we will be talking about one of the most deeply-rooted traditions in the history of this city: glass production, which in recent years has been in search of a new balance between innovation and tradition. We’ll be doing this together with Alice De Santillana, artist, designer and co-founder of Autonoma, a research and exchange project that aims to internationalize this art form, and with Marcantonio Brandolini D'Adda, designer of LagunaB, a project that seeks to reinvent and relaunch the exceptional product of Murano island through new production systems, in the spirit of environmental sustainability and new aesthetics.

The episode is available on Ocean Archive, SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcast.

Music: Rivers of Sand, The Point of it All, Laguna by Christian Fennesz, from the album “Venice" (2004).

Alice de Santillana

Alice de Santillana, artist and designer, lives and works in Venice, the home of her great-grandfather Paolo Venini, who undertook the innovative glassmaking enterprise. After an experience in fashion as a designer of Haute Couture, in 2016 she returned to her family roots linked to the world of glass where she developed her creations ranging from glass to fabrics and metals. Experiments that intertwine and link many autobiographical aspects. In 2018 she inaugurated her first collection of unique pieces "Think Ephemeral". Alice is co-founder of the cultural exchange project AUTONOMA born in 2016, in collaboration with Marcantonio Brandolini d'Adda and Pilchuck Glass School.

Marcantonio Brandolini D'Adda

Marcantonio (b. 1991), lives and works for LagunaB, a Venice based glass company that believes product value should be set on the positive impact for generation to come. LagunaB is a glass company founded in 1994 by Marie Brandolini, who translated her artistic spirit and her love for Venice, where she relocated from Paris, into a collection of artisanal tableware designs. In particular, Marie experimented with colours, motifs and techniques to offer a contemporary interpretation of Murano’s signature “Goto de fornace” drinking glasses. While Marie’s creations remain at the core of the brand, Marcantonio and his business partners, Alvise and Tommaso, are leading the evolution of LagunaB into a contemporary company. Rooted in a set of values, which includes collaboration, awareness and consciousness, LagunaB works on several fronts to develop projects with a significant impact on the promotion of creativity and craftsmanship, as well as of socially and environmentally responsible practices.