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Oceans in Transformation—Overfishing by Territorial Agency


Ocean Space
Artist/Conversation Partners

Territorial Agency

Oceans in Transformation—Overfishing by Territorial Agency as part of the Messy Studios series.

How to become sensitive to the ocean in transformation? A series of meetings and summits, where different experts from different fields of work—science, conservation, arts, policy making, native populations, insurance, finance, activism, shipping, fishing, international law— discuss direct solutions, unfolding the respective territorial and disciplinary boundaries and engaging a selected public directly. We call these meetings ‘messy studios’, echoing the unstructured and apparently disorderly approach to making found in artistic practices. These are meetings where remote sensing, data visualisation, scientific records, narratives are combined to show possible new pathways for climate change solutions.

Participants: Boris Ondreicka, John Palmesino, Ann-Sofi Rönnskog, among many others.

Territorial Agency joins TBA21–Academy for a Messy Studio, which connects artists and research groups in an unstructured workshop to create new pathways for ocean transformation. A session open to the public is followed by a closed workshop with invited participants.

Territorial Agency is an independent organisation that innovatively promotes and works for sustainable territorial transformations. With projects that leverage available spatial resources towards the development of their full potential, Territorial Agency works for the establishment of instruments and methods to ensure higher architectural and urban quality in contemporary territories.