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Educational Workshop

L'arte della scienza con il Laboratorio d'arte del Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Ocean School


Zoom Platform
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Free of charge

In collaboration with the Dipartimento Educazione di Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Roma)

Over the years, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, a center of cultural production dedicated to contemporary arts, has given ample space to the theme of science and new technologies. The exhibitions on Darwin and studies about evolution, artificial intelligence and astrophysics are noteworthy. Also important are the laboratory-exhibitions curated by the Education Department designed to be accessible to everyone, from all backgrounds, but also to involve visitors in an experience of active discovery. An encounter that illustrates the experiences of children and students, dedicated to the dialogue between science and society, between man and the environment, in which books and illustrated editions provide ideas and suggestions for planning activities and itineraries.


Il Laboratorio d'arte (The Art Workshop) - Education Department of Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome was created in 2000, and since then has aimed to bring different demographics, especially the young audiences, closer to art, offering new and original ways to observe and interpret reality through the languages ​​of the contemporary world. As Bruno Munari says, if it is true that the quality of the things we see also determines the quality of our life, art is an element that must be part of everyday life, as an emotion, a resource, a decisive discovery in the creation of educational and training proposals. For us, an education in art means educating the gaze, offering everyone the opportunity to develop their sensitivity, and to help encourage autonomy and critical thinking when interpreting the world around us. This is achievable through a transversal approach to works of art that embraces different disciplines, developing knowledge, skills and abilities. Our methodology is based around the notion that books are privileged instruments of mediation and education. Lo Scaffale d’Arte (The Art Bookcase), a library specializing in international art publishing for children, is where we keep our precious collection of artists’ books and illustrated editions.


The meeting will be held exclusively online via Zoom. The link to connect to the training meeting will be sent to participants on Wednesday October 13.

The meeting is reserved for teaching staff of all levels, educators and cultural mediators.

Participation is free, registration is required by filling out the following online form.