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The sea and its symbology in cultures around the world



Zoom Platform
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Event in collaboration with PIME - Museum of Peoples and Cultures in Milan.


Reservation is required at the following link.



The second Ocean Schools online training meeting of the 2022/2023 year invites teachers, educators, and cultural mediators of all levels to get to know PIME - The Museum of Peoples and Cultures in Milan.

We will set sail to discover the different cultures of the world via the objects in the museum’s collection, uncovering the hidden symbolic meanings of an element critical to everyone’s lives: the sea. A place of connection, a mutable and contradictory space to which various stories are dedicated: for Japanese mythology the sea is a hostile environment, home to fantastic creatures; for Hindus it is the mysterious seat of archetypal meanings; for the Qing dynasty, the last to reign in China before the advent of the Republic, the sea has a decorative value, and waves in particular are a prominent feature in the textures of imperial clothes.

It is through the waves that, together with people, sounds, foods, traditions, and ceremonies move and flow. The “Silk Road”, for example, along which it was possible to witness acts that not only concerned the exchange of goods, but became rather intense cultural, artistic and religious encounters. Another example is the “Kula ring” which takes place in the Trobriand Islands in the Pacific Ocean, where the symbolic exchange of gifts is actually a means of talking about the concept of reciprocity and forge cross-cultural social connections.

Joining us is Paola Rampoldi, curator of PIME's Museum of Peoples and Cultures, for which she coordinates and supervises all activities, including the installations, educational services, communications, and publications.


The meeting is reserved for teaching staff, educators, and cultural mediators of all levels.

Participation is free with registration required at the following link.

The meeting will be held online via Zoom. The link to connect to the training meeting will be sent to participants via email on Wednesday October 26th.


The PIME (Museum of Peoples and Cultures) is dedicated to understanding of the world’s cultures thanks to a rich and diverse collection of objects from Asia, Latin America, Oceania, and Africa. The activities and services we offer are aimed at the active involvement of the public, and in particular, the Museum aims to offer itself to schools as an educational tool. Through knowledge of other cultures, we stimulate dialogue, respectful discussion, and listening, with the aim of developing sensitivity, skills, and abilities that allow for a better and more conscious participation in the life of the community.

The exhibition includes engaging multimedia stations designed to make content more accessible and usable, and the collection is organized into thematic sections ranging from Asian philosophical and religious traditions to everyday objects.