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I cinque continenti ricoperti di ghiaccio. Immagine dell'evento organizzato da Kid Pass: " Gli obiettivi dell'ONU visti dai bambini attraverso la creatività"
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Digital initiative

Flip Book: the oceans in motion

UN objectives seen from a children’s perspective through creativity


Admission fee
Free of charge

On Thursday February 4th at 6pm we will be joining the Kid Pass initiative, UN objectives seen from a children’s perspective through creativity, in a month dedicated to Climate Change, participating in Kid Pass live with a workshop entitled Flip Book: the oceans in motionon Facebook and Youtube.

With the help of Penny, a young book blogger, and Valeria Bottalico, responsible for the educational program at Ocean Space, together we will be making a flip book to creatively talk about the effects of the climate crisis on the oceans. By using drawings and shapes on a pad of paper, we will create a mini cartoon by flipping quickly through the pages, giving the impression of movement.

You can join the workshop on the Kid Pass Facebook page and Youtube channel.