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Edible Images

A SCREENING EVENING IN COLLABORATION WITH "Foodscapes" Spanish Pavillion at Venice Architecture Biennale #RIPPLINGINTHEAIR


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Edible Images is a captivating film cycle by London-based Catalonian filmmaker Gerard Ortín Castellví, examining the interplay between food and aesthetic regimes. Spanning three works — Agrilogistics, Cold Route, and Future Foods — the cycle delves into the operational role of images in shaping our food production, distribution, and consumption systems.

From the automated landscapes of modern agriculture in Agrilogistics and the recursive interplay of visual and physical displacement in Cold Route, to the tantalizing fictional meals of Future Foods, Gerard's oeuvre elegantly captures the sensorial experience connecting our eyes and stomachs, spotlighting how images build our culinary realities.


Agrilogistics looks at recent technological transformations in contemporary industrial agriculture. Tulip bulbs, chrysanthemum stems and vine tomatoes are processed through cameras, feeding datasets that regulate their own growth. During the day, the greenhouse is a cinematic device, an automated film set optimized for the mass production of fruits and flowers. At night, the factory stops: without an inside or an outside, the greenhouse becomes an oneiric chamber where plants, animals and machines form new entanglements.

Cold Route explores the relationships between climate zones, infrastructure, and food distribution. The film takes viewers on a journey through the landscapes of advertising, technology, and transport that shape distribution routes for perishable products from the Iberian Peninsula northwards. As soon as they are harvested, fruit and vegetables are set in motion in industrial processing plants and photography studios as part of an ongoing process of physical and visual displacement where perception and distribution become intertwined. This film introduces the spectator to cold routes and follows the flow of images and products that shape the logistics of the food sector.

Future Foods​ revolves around the making of plastic food at the workshops of Replica LTD,​ one of the few UK based companies that still manufactures props for films, advertisements and displays. The perception of food, its appealingness and palatability through a constructed image, come into play when observing these hand-crafted manufacturing processes through a camera. A phone conversation with the CEO of a Finnish future foods' start-up ​ introduces us to a cutting edge technology consisting of the production of a new protein generated from water, electricity and CO​2 ​captured from the air. Solein is a new technology that speculates with a near future without agriculture and land use effects.


Edible images is part of the ongoing collaboration between TBA21 and FOODSCAPES project, the curatorial proposal for the Spanish Pavilion at the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale.

TBA21–Academy’s commitment to respond to questions of food sovereignty and the food industry’s ecological impact is strengthened in this year’s collaboration between TBA21 and the Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023. “FOODSCAPES,” curated by Eduardo Castillo-Vinuesa and Manuel Ocaña, takes viewers on a journey examining the architectures that feed us, from the domestic laboratories of our kitchens to the vast operational landscapes that nourish our cities.