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Digital initiative

Dear Venice


A "call to action" directed at artists, who collaborate with TBA21−Academy, in order to reflect upon the current global crisis, caused by COVID-19, which is specifically tangible in the case of Venice.

The pandemic crisis is evolving not only in Italy but across the entire planet, making our everyday reality one of forced social segregation. Despite the fact that the number of victims have been far greater in other Italian cities, the city finds itself in a unique situation, with COVID-19 being only the latest in a series of significant emergencies. In November 2019, the city was hit hard and over a prolonged time by a series of exceptionally high tides that flooded the city without giving citizens, tourists and businesses a chance. Venice now finds itself in a paradoxical situation in which its identity as a tourist and cultural destination has temporarily vanished.

The high water, the red zone, and the pandemic are facing the city with critical questions it has long been able to avoid. In solidarity with all Venetians, but also to stimulate this debate and to rethink the very identity and future of our city, Ocean Space and TBA21−Academy is asking its network and community of artists, to make contributions: to send messages to Venice both of affection and solidarity with Venice, in whatever medium they choose, be they images, videos, sound, statements or other. These contributions will be shared through our social media channels and on the ocean-archive.org platform.

Authentic gestures of care and concern generate moments of reflection, solidarity and hope for a different and better future, and provoke us to rethink how human impact can modify the environment we all live in.

Photo: Alice Ongaro Sartori