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Educational Workshop

Citizen Science or the Science of Citizens

In collaboration with CNR-ISMAR


Zoom Platform
Admission fee
Free of charge

Citizen Science, or the Science of Citizens, refers to the set of scientific research activities or projects conducted through a collaboration between citizens and researchers. Scientific research and above all the monitoring of various animal and plant species is increasingly indispensable in observing the changes taking place in the natural world, and in turn, in considering environmental protection plans. Thanks to the development and ever wider dissemination of interactive technological tools, and the increase of digital platforms, which allow for the collection of large amounts of data, projects involving citizen science have increased exponentially. Photographs, observations, and geotagged messages made possible by tablets, smartphones and apps are shared in real time, dramatically increasing the data available for research.


- Mauro Bastianini, Researcher, marine biologist, CNR-ISMAR Institute of Marine Sciences.


The meeting will be held exclusively online via the Zoom platform. The link to connect to the training meeting will be sent to participants on Thursday October 15.

The meeting is reserved for teaching staff of all levels, educators and cultural mediators. Participation is free with compulsory registration by filling out the following online form.