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When I breathe, I swallow the Lagoon

Becoming Fresh & Salty Drops (of water)


Admission fee
Free of charge

Reservation is required at this link.


Part of "Becoming Fresh & Salty Drops (of water)" a month-long program celebrating the water and life forms of the Venice Lagoon.

"When I Breathe, I Swallow the Lagoon" chronicles the bonds between humans and non-humans in a toxic environment. It does so by taking us where the environment of the Lagoon rebels against binary geographical and temporal coordinates: land becomes liquid; emerged islands are part of the seabed; past and future blur into a continuous present.

Set in this amphibious Lagoon, never fully emerged or submerged, the performance winds along the infrastructure of the former ENI refinery in Via dei Petroli in Porto Marghera. Interweaving different characters, places and times, "When I breathe, I swallow the Lagoon" highlights the interconnection between bodies, environments and power structures and rethinks responsibility in deep time.

Project: Lodovica Guarnieri. Text: Lodovica Guarnieri, H. Leigh Brown. Performer: Gaia Ginevra Giorgi.

Commissioned by TBA21–Academy with the support of S+T+ARTS.


6 pm: meeting point at Piazzale Roma, Venice.

Participation is free, please make a reservation at this link. Limited places available.

We remind you that transport via bus is at the expense of participants.

Becoming Fresh & Salty Drops (of water)

“Becoming Fresh & Salty Drops (of water)” is a month-long program celebrating the water and life forms of the Venice Lagoon from ecological and magical perspectives, curated by María Montero Sierra. Organized by TBA21–Academy and supported by S+T+ARTS.