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All the Venices of the world. Postcards, comics, games and curiosities from Alberto Toso Fei's collection

Nowtilus. Stories from an urban lagoon in the 21st century



Available on Ocean Archive, SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes e Google Podcast

For the last episode of 2020, “Nowtilus. Stories from an urban lagoon in the 21st century” hosts writer and journalist Alberto Toso Fei for a conversation about a truly special collection of objects. In dialogue with Enrico Bettinello, Toso Fei reveals his collection of memorabilia linked to Venice, and explains the often misrepresented, fictionalized, and exaggerated imagery of the most reproduced city in the world. From postcards that represent the “Venices” of other countries, to comics that portray their protagonists struggling with gondolas and canals, to musical scores, games and bizarre things that sum up the myth of the lagoon city and its unexpected interpretations.

The episode is available on Ocean Archive, SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcasts.

Music: Saltland (2020) by Enrico Coniglio. "Random Access" (2009) by Molven. Courtesy of Enrico Coniglio and Molven.

Alberto Toso Fei

Alberto Toso Fei, descendant of an ancient family of Murano glassmakers, is a history enthusiast and an expert in mysteries. He writes books on the secret history of the most beautiful cities in Italy, including curiosities and enigmas, anecdotes and legends, recovering the heritage of oral tradition. Translated into several languages, he publishes with Marsilio, Newton Compton and others.