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Digital initiative

A Different Tide

Thoughts and emotions at the time of the Coronavirus in Venice





June 15, 2020

“A Different Tide" is a project that collects thoughts and emotions of those in Venice, who are experiencing the current dramatic global health emergency caused by COVID-19. Containment measures have radically impacted all of our lives, also and especially affecting our city, symbolic of an increasing mass tourism. Permanently overcrowded by a constant flow of people, Venice suddenly finds itself empty, suspended and enveloped by a surreal silence.

What does this mean for the city’s inhabitants? Despair or relief? How has everyday life changed for those who now from their windows see empty streets and campi, and silent canals no longer disturbed by the passing of boats? What should and will be the consequences of this situation, once the city starts moving again? This very delicate time of isolation and social distancing could yet turn out to be an unexpected opportunity to pause and reflect not only on our attitudes and emotions but also on the status and destiny of Venice itself.

Our main objective is to involve a cross-section of those who live and work in Venice and its lagoon, inviting them to express and share their thoughts and emotions, trying to overcome social distancing by creating a virtual and supportive network between Venetians and outsiders. The stories, ideas and personal memories of those who will join the project will be shared on the social media channels of Ocean Space and on ocean-archive.org,

“A Different Tide" does not want to merely record a single moment in history but create a continuity beyond the current crises, building on local experience. Even when the quarantine is lifted, the crises will continue for the foreseeable future; with significant medium and long-term consequences. We want to both chronicle the crisis and it's effects over time, re-introducing thoughts and initiatives proposed now to future discussions, creating a dialogue between the state of crisis and its aftermath leading to constructive thinking and results beyond a state of emergency.


All those who wish to be involved in the project.


All those who intend to participate are asked to make a short video (max 2 minutes) or write a short text (max 1.800 lines), describing their current thoughts and emotions during their isolation in the lagoon, as well as reflections on the current and long term effects on the city by answering these questions:

  • Describe your daily life in three words;
  • Describe your current state of mind using in three words;
  • What is the worst and the best thing you will remember about your isolation at home?
  • Is there anything about the emergency that you think could turn out to be an opportunity to improve Venice?
  • What are your needs and hopes for the future of this city?

Please send the materials to info@ocean-space.org by June 15, 2020. The most significant materials collected will be selected and then published on Ocean Space social media channels and the ocean-archive.org platform.

Photo: Enrico Fiorese