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Stainos, cocciule, bentu e sali (Lagoons, mussels, wind and salt)

From Sardinia to Venice: narrating sustainability in a contemporary key


Ocean Space
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A meeting to share the experience and findings of the Ocean Fellowship research group’s residency on a location scouting tour curated by the Sardinia Film Commission Foundation, narrated by the group’s protagonists and images from the short documentary film made by Giulia Camba.

At the beginning of July, the research group of the Ocean Fellowship program, promoted by TBA21–Academy at Ocean Space, took part in a residency on a location scouting tour organized by the Sardinia Film Commission Foundation of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, traveling around and exploring the southwestern coast of Sardinia. From Sulcis we sailed towards the Sinis protected area. Looking from the sea towards the coast, to investigate the impact of mining - between Masua, Porto Flavia and La Marmora washery - and the changing of the coastline in the lagoons of the Gulf of Oristano.

Over the course of the trip there were numerous moments of shared reflection for the group, and in-depth analysis with various figures from the area. The mentors and fellows had the opportunity to discover different perspectives and backgrounds, such as those of Chiara Vigo, a master of weaving and storytelling, and the fishermen of Nieddittas, a cooperative that cultivates the mussel supply chain with sustainable processes and manages the wetland of Corru Mannu, and the CNR scientists who work at CReS, the Sinis Recovery Center for turtles and marine mammals, located on the beach of San Giovanni di Sinis, who deal with the recovery, rescue, safeguarding and management of turtles and cetaceans. The conclusion of the scouting tour was entrusted to the words of Daniela Ducato, who, with "Edizero. Architetture di pace", is an example of regional excellence for all institutions, associations and entrepreneurs who are striving to redesign their operations with sustainability in mind.

Alongside the Foundation, the residency program was developed with the MEDSEA Foundation and the expertise of its scientists and researchers, who are engaged in the protection and sustainable management of the marine and coastal resources of Sardinia and the Mediterranean Sea.

Through the partnership between TBA21 – Academy and the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation, the event on Sunday September 5 will be an opportunity to strengthen the bond between Venice and Sardinia.The event will be moderated by Barbara Casavecchia, leader of "The Current III". Speakers will be Marco Gisotti, advisor for institutional and environmental communication in the offices of direct collaboration of the Minister for Ecological Transition, Nevina Satta, CEO Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission and Secretary-General at EUFCN European Film Commissions Network, Micaela Deiana, project referent for Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission.

The event will be preceded at 9.30 a.m. by a breakfast offered to participants inside the Chiostro di San Lorenzo with typical Sardinian sweets kindly offered by Sardegna Film Commission.


Participation is free but reservation is required at this link.

From August 6, all visitors must present a valid digital or paper EU Covid Certificate (Green Pass) to access Ocean Space. More information.

In line with the rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the capacity of Ocean Space has been reduced to guarantee a safe experience.

Masks must be worn inside Ocean Space (properly covering both nose and mouth) and hands must be sanitized with the provided sanitizer upon entrance. A temperature check will be carried out at the entrance.


The Sardinia Film Commission deals with the development of the audiovisual supply chain in Sardinia and accompanies creatives in exploring the island, to discover its places and people, along with the tangible and intangible heritage of the island, always with environmental and social sustainability in mind.

Photo credit: Barbara Pau. Courtesy of Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission.

Marco Gisotti

Marco Gisotti, journalist and populariser, writes and hosts on Radio3 Rai the Wikiradio programme on science and the environment. A lecturer at the University of Tor Vergata in the Theories and Languages of Scientific Communication course, he is the author of "100 green jobs to find work" (Edizioni Ambiente). He was one of the founders and directed the Green Drop Award at the Venice Film Festival for nine years. He is currently advisor for institutional and environmental communication in the offices of direct collaboration of the Minister for Ecological Transition.

Nevina Satta

Nevina Satta is CEO of the Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission and Secretary General for the EUFCN - European Film Commission Network, member of the British Council Italy Cultural Advisory Board. In the past she was vice-president of the IFC - Italian Film Commission Association and Board Member of CineRegio, the European network dedicated to the audiovisual industry, which promotes initiatives on sustainability policies in cinema and develops new system strategies between public administration and creative industries.