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Sensing Subseascapes



Available on Ocean Archive - Facebook - Instagram


English with Eng/Ita subtitles

On Friday December 4 from 6 pm, the video "Sensing subseascapes", edited and produced by Fiona Middleton, fellow of the Ocean Fellowship Program 2020, in collaboration with researchers Gian Marco Scarpa and Fantina Madricardo of the Institute of Marine Science (CNR-ISMAR), will be available on Ocean Archive and on the social media channels of Ocean Space (Facebook-Instagram).

By extending human vision, hearing and touch underwater, sensing technologies allow researchers to ‘tune in’ to what cannot be witnessed onshore. Through data interpretation and visualization, patterns and trends emerge to reveal the forms of submerged environments and organisms, or ‘subseascapes’, and how they change over time under pressure from human influences.

In "Sensing Subseascapes" remote sensing scientists and researchers Gian Marco Scarpa and Fantina Madricardo (CNR-ISMAR) explore and present their work in the Venetian Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea, and their personal experiences of mediated encounters with marine environments and habitats.