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A screening evening in collaboration with "COASTAL IMAGINARIES", Danish Pavilion #RIPPLINGINTHEAIR


Ocean Space
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Free of charge

TBA21–Academy's public program at Ocean Space aims to look for creative propositions to the most pressing issues facing the Ocean today in the hope of creating new transformative and participatory visions for the future.

This year, a rich program of performances, talks, walks, and culinary explorations will be brought to Ocean Space, stemming in part from the curatorial fellowship program The Current III Mediterraneans: "Thus waves come in pairs" (after Etel Adnan), 2021–2023, led by Barbara Casavecchia, alongside multiple collaborations.

On Friday, June 9, Ocean Space hosts a new appointment of the public program stream “Rippling, in the air”, with the screening of the film "Drift" by Helena Wittmann.

Ocean Space’s 2023 public program is kindly supported by Select Aperitivo and Venezia FC.


  • 6pm | Visit of the exhibition "Thus waves come in pairs".
  • 8pm | Screening of "Women fish - Venice and Bombay chapters" (2022-ongoing) by aqui Thami (Ocean Fellow 2022), audio introduction by "Coastal Imaginaries" (Danish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Architecture 2023) and screening of “Drift” (2017) by Helena Wittmann, 95’25''


Drift is a mysterious and immersive exploration of the oceanic realm, as depicted through the lens of two nameless protagonists sharing their thoughts and stories about ancient myths and legends of the sea. Through dreamlike sequences and hauntingly beautiful imagery, the film invites us to surrender ourselves to the ebb and flow of the sea and to find new modes of being in its timeless rhythms. Drift is a poetic and sensorial masterpiece, a celebration of the beauty and strangeness of the natural world, and a reminder of our place within it.


"Coastal Imaginaries" takes you back to the future of landscapes and building methods, reintroducing nature-based design solutions in an age of human-based environmental destruction. Setting out to be a laboratory of hope in a world of viral hopelessness, Coastal Imaginaries offers a catalogue of proposals for a coastal future grounded in seven nature-based design principles, not only stretching in deep time and across vast landscapes, but similarly addressing the pressing perspective of the here-and-now urgencies of floods and storm surges. Beyond simply being mechanisms of resilience, these strategies can serve as CO2 sinks, foodscapes, material banks and spaces for human recreation and more-than-human habitation.

Offering a way to (re)synchronize with nature, the seven principles hint toward a re-enchantment with natural ecologies through changing practices within the architectural profession. Yet, architecture needs allies, and we must cross disciplinary and institutional boundaries to learn from each other and most importantly, cultivate the political will to instigate radical changes. This is why Coastal Imaginaries is structured as a collective and collaborative effort of artists, craftspeople, practitioners and researchers coming from a wide and varied array of disciplines.

Explore "Coastal Imaginaries" at the Danish pavilion, available for your visit daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm until November, 26.

Women fish

The ocean is a sacred and vital resource that sustains life and provides nourishment in celebrating women in fishing I am celebrating this great nurturer. The sound of the ocean is a metaphor for the voices of the many different women who fish. It represents their strength, resilience, wisdom, unity, interdependence, and connection to tradition. Just as the ocean's sound is a powerful force, so too are the voices of these women, deserving of recognition, amplification, and support.

As with all of my works, a participatory form is essential so that the women I am making in collaboration with shape their own narratives and share their unique perspectives. It allows them to reclaim their stories and depict their experiences authentically, thereby challenging stereotypes and misconceptions that may have hindered the recognition of their essential role in the industry.

This project has been realised with the production support of Bette Adriaanse, Netherlands

- aqui Thami