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Messy Studio—Mediterranean Deep Space: Post-continental perspectives


Ocean Space
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Free of charge

On Ocean Archive and on Ocean Space and TBA21–Academy Facebook pages


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Continental thinking—deeply drenched in particularizing geographic and peripheralizing philosophical traditions—is perniciously entangled with the history of the Mediterranean Sea. Bordering three continents, the Mediterranean has traditionally been conceptualized as a space of connections and separations alike. The first Messy Studio “Mediterranean Deep Space: Post-continental perspectives” will depart from the Venetian lagoon, home to Ocean Space, and aggregate a multiplicity of voices from science, policy-making, and conservation, activism, history, art, and architecture. It invites the audience to think about the complexities of the Mediterranean waters and lands from within the context and histories of the lagoon, as a paradigmatic, precarious, and unquiet site for reimagining the future of the Mediterranean region.


Messy Studio—Mediterranean Deep Space: Post-continental perspectives

Presentations by David Abulafia (Cambridge University); Shaul Bassi (Ca' Foscari University); Jane Da Mosto (We Are Here Venice); Luigi Cavaleri (ISMAR-CNR). With Territorial Agency, Markus Reymann, Daniela Zyman, and the participants of the Ocean Fellowship Program: Pietro Consolandi; Elisa Giuliano; Pietro Scammacca and the Mentors Louise Carver e Barbara Casavecchia.

The event will be live-streamed on and TBA21–Academy and Ocean Space Facebook pages.