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Educational Workshop

Water Books. Lagoon adventures!

Animated readings for all ages


Ocean Space
Admission fee
Free of charge

Reservation is required at this link.


The event is organized in collaboration with Kid Pass.


Activities will be held outdoors at the Cloister of San Lorenzo. In the event of rain, the event will be moved indoors.

On Saturday September 24th, the educational department of Ocean Space in collaboration with Kid Pass and the author Stella Nosella are organizing a day of animated readings with an aquatic theme and/or based in Venice entitled “Water books. Lagoon Adventures!" The educational activities dedicated to children, teenagers, and families will involve the authors Francesca Leita, Roberta Comin, Paola Vitale, and Roberta Rizzo who will lend their voices to the narration.

LA CITTÀ D'ACQUA. The activity is led by the author Francesca Leita

Time: 10:30am-11:30am (1 hour)

Age: 8 and up

The author will read excerpts from the short story “The city of water”, a fantasy thriller for children that deals with the idea of respectful and sustainable tourism by conveying the fundamental values of solidarity, affection, and sense of justice to the next generation through an adventure between the pages with Ina. This will be followed by the creative writing educational activity "How to invent and describe a lagoon character".

Extract from the book “The city of water” by Francesca Leita, Edizioni Corsare, 2020:

<<Ina is about to finish school when her mother, a glass maker, has the precious "Book of Secrets" stolen from her, an ancient manual that passes down the formulas for making beautiful Venetian glass. Ina decides to leave, convinced that she will be able to track down the lost book in Venice and return it to her mother. She gets lost in the lagoon around the city, meeting mysterious and fascinating characters who help her solve the crime and discover a terrible plot, bringing back the ancient arts to Venice>>

PESCA LA FAVOLA. The activity is led by the author Roberta Comin

Time: 11:30am-12:30pm (1 hour)

Age: 0 and up

"Pesca la favola" is a format by Roberta Comin which consists of an educational activity linked to the reading aloud of fables that deal with important topics. The educational proposal at Ocean Space will be focussed on the reading of the fable “Lo scoglio arrabbiato” (The angry rock) – taken from her latest book “Una favola può” (A fable can) – , which, through the story of a rock named Rupo, will accompany the little ones through the underwater world on a journey of imagination among the waves and the people of the sea.

This is a narrative with a gentle and familiar lexicon, and with fantastic build ups that capture the attention of the little ones even when dealing with topics that are otherwise difficult to understand, through word games that invite you to think, make you smile, empower you, let your imagination run wild, and educate too.

Extract from the book “Una favola può” by Roberta Comin, The Garden of Culture Editions, 2018:

<<Sometimes we just can’t take it anymore: we are so exasperated that anything seems preferable to what we are experiencing and we act without thinking, so instinctively. It’s the worst thing we could do! Yeah, I’m telling you that I made this huge mistake. By the way, I am Rupo the rock, and I have really made a mess that’s impossible to solve. So please don’t be like me! Things always need to be thought through very carefully, otherwise we’ll regret lifetime of mistakes, never able to go turn things around! Read my story, come on: you’ll see, you’ll agree with me!>>

IL GIARDINO DELLE MEDUSE. Activity is led by the author Paola Vitale

Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm (1 hour 30 minutes)

Age: 6 to 8

An animated reading of the illustrated book will be like diving into the fascinating world of jellyfish, where the key to our future might be hidden: jellyfish, the fascinating and mysterious sentinels of climate change, are also beautiful, like flowers.

After reading the text, an educational workshop “My garden of jellyfish” will follow, an activity that will involve the use of watercolors and some surprise “special” materials! Children will be able to make their favorite jellyfish bloom in a personal garden full to the brim with new stories.

Extract from the book “Il giardino delle meduse” by Paola Vitale, Camelozampa Edizioni, 2021:

<<They color the water of the deepest oceans, ports, and beaches with reflections. They are transparent, with bright and brilliant colors. Sometimes they are as big as kites, sometimes so small that they blend in with the drops of salt water. They live everywhere, from the Arctic to the tropical oceans, from coastal waters to the depths of the sea. How much do we know about jellyfish? Are they poisonous? Are they edible? Is it true that they can even be immortal? What are “jellyfish blooms” and why are they considered indicators of climate change>>

If you are looking for an animated reading with a related educational activity, please refer to the 10:30am appointment "The city of Water", aimed at children aged 8 and up.

NINA, LA BAMBINA DELLA SESTA LUNA. Read by the author Roberta Rizzo

Time: 4:45pm-5:45pm (1 hour)

Age: 8 and up

The award-winning Venetian author whose pseudonym is Moony Witcher will read an excerpt from the first volume of the series of Nina’s seven adventures. This story of alchemy and magic, which originates in Venice, is a fantastic rescue mission for the endangered planet “the sixth moon”, whose educational mission is to make children aware of the concept of protection and taking care of a universe beyond human life, inhabited my many other species.

Extract from the book “Nina, la bambina della sesta luna” by Roberta Rizzo - Moony Witcher, Giunti Editore, 2002:

<<Everything appears very normal at first, except that strange star-shaped birthmark on her right hand, exactly the same as the one on the hand of her beloved grandfather Misha, a great alchemist who lives in Venice. Is it a sign of fate? What future awaits Nina? Alchemy, studies, an unknown world... a completely new life begins suddenly one night with the mysterious death of her grandfather. Nina arrives in Venice, accompanied by the dog Adonis and the cat Plato, ready to uncover what is going on. And she’s still unaware that she will soon have to save the Sixth Moon from the evil Count Karkon Ca’ d'Oro and from her android children, helped (luckily!) by four friends from Venice, an android named Max, and a Sbacchio? But what exactly is a Sbacchio?>>


Kid Pass is the national reference point for discovering the most beautiful experiences dedicated to families. Through the kidpass.it portal, it shares information about events and projects aimed at children, and many suggestions for quality time for parents and children. On several occasions during the year it promotes initiatives in edutainment and reading promotion in collaboration with museums, cultural spaces, and both public and private organizations throughout Italy, such as “Adventures between the pages. Let's read at the museum” from November 11th to 13th 2022. The Kid Pass headquarters are at VEGA, a science and technology park in Venice.