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Inhabiting Ocean


Ocean Space
Admission fee
Free of charge

The reservation is required at info@ocean-space.org

The three-day workshop “Inhabiting Ocean" was born from a selection of images, videos and sounds found within Ocean Archive, carried out by Elisa Giuliano, fellow of the Ocean Fellowship program conceived and developed by TBA21 – Academy, and who will guide participants in the their reinterpretation through performance.

During the workshop, participants will conduct a series of physical and dance exercises based on re-enactment techniques, namely the reinterpretation of an image, a moment, a situation or a specific event through the use of the body. Re-enactment is a technique that can be adopted as an artistic strategy or critical method to revive, remedy or, if necessary, recreate existing images from scratch in order to give them new meanings, set history in motion, and generate counter narratives. The workshop will then focus on material selected directly from Ocean Archive creating a collective choreographic performance.

Photo: Hugo Faustino


“Inhabiting Ocean” will take place at Ocean Space from Wednesday October 21 to Friday 23, from 4pm to 6pm. On Sunday October 25, from 4pm to 6pm, there will be a public presentation of the results of the workshop.

Participation in the “Inhabiting Ocean” workshop is free but reservation is required at info@ocean-space.org.

Please note that masks covering your mouth and nose are mandatory throughout the premises of Ocean Space. Temperature checks will be performed at the door for your safety.