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Feet in the Water, Eyes on the Land



Free streaming on Ocean Archive from November 28 to December 8


On November 27 at 6 pm, Pietro Consolandi in conversation with Caterina Erica Shanta and Confluenze Collective on Ocean Archive and on Facebook - Instagram.

“Feet in the Water, Eyes on the Land” is a film screening program curated by Pietro Consolandi, a participant in the Ocean Fellowship 2020 program. It focuses on documentaries and art films that investigate the liminal and blurred lines between water, land, and air in the center of the so-called "sensitive area" (which, according to Territorial Agency’s definition, is the area that extends from 200 meters above to 200 meters below sea level, in which a significant proportion of human, animal, and plant life is found, and is considered the most vulnerable to climate change).

After the first appointment held at Ocean Space in October, the second part of the program “Feet in the Water, Eyes on the Land” will be available on Ocean Archive - the digital platform created by TBA21−Academy - with two screenings available to stream for free from November 27 until December 8.

The second event in the program focuses on the waters in and around the Venetian lagoon, and on the people who live near them. Confluenze - an interdisciplinary artistic group founded in Venice - will be sharing "Intertidal.Barene" (2019, 14’ 50”), a video dance project that reflects on the intertidal areas, in particular the saltmarshes of the lagoon, the surface of which cyclically shifts between the land and the underwater world according to the tides. Caterina Erica Shanta, a visual artist from Pordenone, will be presenting her new film "Terre Emerse" (2020, 39’ 59''), an investigation into the reclaimed lands that surround the rivers of Northeastern Italy and the populations that inhabit them, under the constant threat of floods and storms.

On Friday November 27 at 6 pm, Pietro Consolandi will talk with Caterina Erica Shanta and two members of the Confluenze collective (Anja Dimitrijevic and Laura Santini) in a video chat available on Ocean Archive and the social channels of Ocean Space (Facebook - Instagram).

Picture: Still from "Intertidal.Barene" by Collettivo Confluenze (2019).