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2.2 Murder and mist. Crimes, misdeeds and other wrongdoings in the fog of the lagoon

Nowtilus. Stories from an urban lagoon in the 21st century



With Davide Busatto (writer), Carlo Mion (journalist), Giovanni Dell’Olivo (musician)


Available on Ocean-Archive.org and on TBA21–Academy Radio (SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcast)


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The second episode, “Murder and mist. Crimes, misdeeds and other wrongdoings in the fog of the lagoon” is dedicated to the relationship between Venice and crime.

Writer Davide Busato comes aboard "Nowtilus" and takes us on a journey through time, explaining the dynamics of crime and recounting criminal anecdotes from times gone by; Journalist Carlo Mion debunks some myths, and illustrates how crime has changed in recent years; and musician Giovanni Dell’Olivo helps us relive the fascinating story of the legendary bandit Kociss, to whom he has dedicated an editorial, musical, and theatrical project.

A deep-dive for noir enthusiasts, spanning both past and present, to understand what crime can reveal about the evolution of a city.

The episode is available on Ocean-Archive.org and on TBA21–Academy Radio on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

"Nowtilus. Stories from an urban lagoon in the 21st century" is a podcast brought to you from Ocean Space in Venice for TBA21–Academy Radio.

Music: Enrico Coniglio.


Each episode of the second season of Nowtilus. Stories from an urban lagoon in the 21st century! is accompanied by Nowtilus Plus, a document with a bibliography, related images, and an in-depth analysis of the content discussed by the guests aboard.

Check out the material from the second episode:


Davide Busato was born in Venice in 1975. A historical researcher, he graduated with a thesis on criminal statistics in Venice in the eighteenth century under the guidance of Prof. Claudio Povolo, and in 2006 he became an external collaborator of the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage for the Veneto. In the same year he founded the Arcomai Studio Associato, together with the archaeologist Paola Sfameni. He regularly collaborates with Italian and foreign universities. He has published historical and popular essays ranging from the reconstruction of the ancient landscape to true crime.


Carlo Mion is a professional journalist who works for the local newspapers of the Espresso Group. For 22 years he has been dealing with crime and judicial news in the Veneto region. He currently works at the Nuova Venezia.


Giovanni Dell’Olivo is a Venetian singer-songwriter, guitarist and performer of popular music, and along with theater director Gianni De Luigi, he gave life to the theater show Kociss, from which the songs on the album La ballata del ladro Kociss (The ballad of Kociss the thief) are taken. He writes original lyrics and music that reflect the tradition of Venetian folk songbook mixing it with various influences ranging from Mediterranean folk to jazz, blues, and swing.