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Cinema Galleggiante

Unknown waters - II edition



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From Friday 20 August to Saturday 4 September 2021

For the second year, Ocean Space takes part to the second edition of "Cinema Galleggiante - Unknown Waters", a cycle of screenings that takes place exclusively on the waters of the Venetian Lagoon.

The theme of the second edition of the festival is travel. Travel embodies not only the exploration of distant lands, the depths of the sea, outer space and time itself, but also the exploration of the relationships between cultures, a way of accessing and comparing them with one another. Venice has always been a crossroads of stories and cultures, a place of arrivals and departures, but it is also regularly challenged by overtourism, lending itself to hosting a reflection on new forms of mobility and cohabitation.

The event consists of a series of screenings, performances and presentations on a floating platform located in the middle of the lagoon, in the shallows behind the Giudecca island, located close to the Rio de Sant’Eufemia. Spectators will be able to watch the programming from both their own boats, and from a barge designed to accommodate members of the public without a boat, in compliance with the current social distancing rules.

The "Floating Cinema - Unknown Waters" is a project conceived by Edoardo Aruta and Paolo Rosso presented by Microclima, in collaboration with Ocean Space / TBA21−Academy, Pentagram Stiftung, Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana - Pinault Col- lection, In Between Art Film Foundation and Lamyland - Owenscorp.

On Friday 27 August, Ocean Space will present a body of work selected together with TBA21−Academy that responds to the theme of this new edition, focusing on the sea, in particular the Mediterranean, as both a connection and a barrier:

  • Diaspora Ad Astra, Stephanie Comilang, 2020 (5’25”)
  • Black Med - Chapter I, Invernomuto (45’)
  • Così lontano - così vicino, archive photographs and images from the Mediterranean Basin to Persia, by Cecile Hummel, 2021 (4’)
  • Europium, Lisa Rave, 2014 (19’04”)
  • In girum imus nocte, Giorgio Andreotta Calò, 2019 (16mm, 13’45”)


For more information and to discover the complete programme of the second edition of "Cinema Galleggiante - Unknown Water" please visit the website: www.cinemagalleggiante.it

Booking is required at www.cinemagalleggiante.it

In compliance with the Government provisions provided for all Italian cultural sites (ref. DL of 23 July 2021), from 6 August 2021 it is mandatory that visitors show the Eu Digital COVID Certificate and a a valid identity document, showing that you have completed the prescribed anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination cycle at least 14 days ago, or you have recovered from COVID-19 (the certificate of recovery is valid for 180 days from the date of the first positive swab) or you have taken a negative molecular or antigen swab test in the 48 hours prior to entering Italy, both for people in a boat and for people without a boat.

Access to the event is possible from 6:00 pm
, people without a boat will be transported to the platform from 7:30 pm. For those with a boat, mooring is recommended no later than 8:15 pm.

Photo: Chiara Beccattini