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6. Abecedarium. The signs of the lagoon



Admission fee
Free of charge

Places are limited, reservations are required at the Eventbrite link.

Meeting Point

Giudecca, Palanca at 7pm


The walk will be held in Italian with interpreting services in LIS.

Sixth appointment of the new cycle of itinerant conversations "Venice as a model for the future?".

With the title "The lagoon / has the moon / between its legs / playing ball" (after a poem by Etel Adnan, from her book From A to Z, Post-Apollo Press, 1982), this series intends to explore how humans and more than humans co-exist in Venice and its lagoon after dark, when the wave of daily visitors leaves the city, nocturnal birds start to sing, beacons are switched on some boats to catch mullet and cuttlefish, and the moon dictates the movement of tides.

Abecedarium. The signs of the lagoon

Water. It is water that draws the earth. It is water that draws the lagoon like a fish. Field. Limited space of land for cultivation. Lagoon field, urban space surrounded by buildings. Bruno Munari said it is the "sign that makes the di-sign". Then there is nonverbal communication that is made up of gestures, singular and subjective, for some, for others of 'signs' that are like words or even more and make up a language that is all to be seen. This communication exists above and below water.

Together with Silvia Franco, scuba diver and president of the ENS (Ente Nazionale Sordi) section of Venice, we will research the peculiar signs of the lagoon, which for some 'marks' a lake for others does not. At sunset, through a collective action, we will try to discover signs of the lagoon and explore possible nonverbal communications.

Silvia Franco

Silvia Franco is a scuba diver and president of the ENS (Ente Nazionale Sordi) of Venice. In her professional life she works in human resources and people management, is an educator and communication assistant. She loves the sea and the ocean with its incredible creatures, was born in Calabria but lives in Venice on the mainland.

Abecedarium. L’oceano in lingua dei segni

"Abecedarium" is a long-term educational and participatory project conceived and curated by Valeria Bottalico, accessibility program specialist, in collaboration with ENS-Ente Nazionale Sordi ONLUS and CNR ISMAR, Institute of Marine Sciences.

The aim of the project is to create a glossary in Sign Language, starting with Italian Sign Language and moving on to other countries and international signs related to the marine world and climate emergency.

Using a participatory and co-creation approach, "Abecedarium" seeks to structure itself as a long-term knowledge production process through Sign Language and with an artistic approach.