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A controversial relationship with water: scientific rigor, creative acts and everyday life



Ocean Space
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Organized as part of the Ocean Fellowship 2020, by Barbara Casavecchia (mentor) and Pietro Consolandi (fellow) in particular, "Walking (the) trajectories: Venice as a model for the future?" is a program of touring talks aimed at visualizing some of the themes that shape the “Oceans in Transformation” exhibition by Territorial Agency, within the context of Venice itself.


17:15 free guided tour of the exhibition "Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation"

18:00 "Walking (The) Trajectories: Venice as a model for the future?"

.*The walks take place also in case of bad weather.

The next walk, led by Camilla Seibezzi, will be themed around “A controversial relationship with water: scientific rigor, creative acts and everyday life”. She will be recalling some examples of how Italian and international artists have dealt with the theme of water when designing their works in Venice, which have left both ephemeral and permanent traces throughout the history of the city, from “Actions in Nature” by Nicolàs Garcìa Uriburu (1968, currently part of “The Restless Muses” exhibition at the Giardini) to the experiments with desalination by Lucy and Jorge Orta. What can we learn from these utopian thought experiments and their repercussions in the daily life of Venetians?

Starting from the steps of San Lorenzo, the walk leads participants through an exercise in reflection, linking the activities of various cultural institutions over the last few decades, before finally arriving at the threshold of the San Marco basin.

Photo: Camilla Seibezzi Archive.


Camilla Seibezzi is an expert in cultural design as a foundation for the development of creative industries and territorial redevelopment. She was responsible for the programming and planning of Arts and Cultural Heritage Management at the European Institute of Design, Venice. She has collaborated with numerous institutions, such as the Veneto Region, the Municipality and Province of Venice, the British Council, f.r.a.m.e. (Finnish Fund for Arts Exchange), Henry Moore Foundation, Wales Arts International, and Istituto Italo-LatinoAmericano.