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The dawn of care: Castello

Walking (The) Trajectories: Venice as a model for the future?


Ocean Space
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Reservation is required at info@ocean-space.org

Organized as part of the Ocean Fellowship 2020, by Barbara Casavecchia (mentor) and Pietro Consolandi (fellow) in particular, "Walking (the) trajectories: Venice as a model for the future?" is a program of touring talks aimed at visualizing some of the themes that shape the “Oceans in Transformation” exhibition by Territorial Agency, within the context of Venice itself.


This week's meeting with “Walking (The) Trajectories: Venice as a model for the future?” has been moved to Saturday morning at 10am.

10:00am departure for “Walking (The) Trajectories: Venice as a model for the future?”

11:30am free guided tour of the “Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation” exhibition

** The walk will go ahead even in the event of bad weather.

The dawn of care: Castello

For this conversation, which this time takes place at 10am on Saturday morning, we’ll be departing from the steps of the Church of San Lorenzo, entering into the district that hosts Ocean Space: Castello. Leading us is Cesare Peris, Gastaldo (President) of the Carpentieri e Calafati Mutual Aid Society, which has been cultivating solidarity between the inhabitants of Venice since 1867. Started in support of the various categories of “arsenalotti” - the workers of the Arsenale - and the workers of the private shipyards, the SMSCC is now open to everyone. The theme of care, including a health and welfare perspective, is central to the organization’s mission, and this theme will emerge by making connections between several regenerated spaces in the area. We will also visit the SMSCC’s “Squero Grando” Sant’Isepo, where since 2018, after being closed for many years, the production and restoration of traditional wooden boats has resumed. The goal of the project is to transform the space into a Center for the Promotion of Ancient Traditional Water Crafts (www.sanisepo.it).

Società di Mutuo Soccorso Carpentieri e Calafati

The Carpentieri e Calafati Mutual Aid Society is the oldest existing organization in the city of Venice, the spiritual successor of the ancient “schole picole”, which were associations that brought artisans belonging to the same disciplines together during the time of the Republic of the Serenissima. Founded in 1867 as the union between the Schola dei Calafai in Arsenal and the Schola dei Marangoni da nave (both schools of shipbuilders), its main focus now is that of mutual aid. It’s activities are based around the sharing of resources that are made available by individual members through an annual payment of a mutual aid contribution. The organization offers various services, including Mutual Healthcare and Community Micro-lending. During the emergencies caused by the the aqua granda floods and the COVID-19 pandemic, the SMSCC collaborated with other local associations to offer relief to local residents.