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All activities are free of charge

With an exhibition space that is steeped in history, Ocean Space is a place where you can find the means and tools for lifelong development, a space that allows for reflection on the vast and multifaceted world to which we belong.

The educational program seeks to promote the development of conscious individuals, and participation in the evolution of modern society in all its complexity and constantly changing nature.

Its mission is to foster a deeper understanding of the ocean using art as a lens, and to generate creative solutions to its most pressing problems, in the hope of creating a new transformative and participatory vision for the future.

Ocean Space is a multipurpose center, and it has been conceived as an educational resource for everyone: from the school community to families, adolescents, adults, students, people with disabilities, and professionals.

Through the proposed activities, which span all age groups, skills and interests, participants in the program are given the opportunity to develop collaborative and interdisciplinary thinking, strengthening critical reasoning and a sense of participation.