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2. The name for world is tide



Admission fee
Free of charge

Places are limited, reservations are required at the following link.

Meeting Point

7:40pm, imbarcadero Treporti.

Second appointment of the new cycle of itinerant conversations "Venice as a model for the future?".

With the title "The lagoon / has the moon / between its legs / playing ball" (after a poem by Etel Adnan, from her book From A to Z, Post-Apollo Press, 1982), this series intends to explore how humans and more than humans co-exist in Venice and its lagoon after dark, when the wave of daily visitors leaves the city, nocturnal birds start to sing, beacons are switched on some boats to catch mullet and cuttlefish, and the moon dictates the movement of tides.

The name for world is tide

The May 27 walk is curated by The Tidal Garden with Gaia Ginevra Giorgi and explores the interactions between humans and lagoon plants in order to decolonize the preservation policies of the Venice Lagoon.

The name for world is tide interrogates the politics of conservation and care of worlds deemed as infertile. It does so by leading us through farmlands where the emerged land is a spectre the sea; where an ubiquitous salinity confuses genealogies; and where the future and the past blur into a continuous now.

Structured around the creation of an imaginary algarium, The name for world is tide invites participants to subvert the unfolding of time by becoming archives of the landscape and by nurturing the potential worlds nested in the present.

The name for world is tide is part of Convivial Tables: Sapid Soil, curated by The Tidal Garden. The performance is part of the cycle of activities that contextualises the culinary events in broader chapters on the topic of conservation and its policies. Developed by The Tidal Garden with artists and academics, these events build on the entanglements between humans and Lagoon plants to explore paradigms of care rooted in more-than-human perspectives.


How to get to Treporti from Venice: Vaporetto number 12 from Fondamenta Nove, departure at 18:40 from imbarcadero “A”

Guideline for participants: wear comfortable shoes and pants to cover your legs due to the presence of mosquitoes.

The Tidal Garden

The Tidal Garden is a Venice-based research and spatial agency founded in 2020 that explores the edible potential of halophytes as a tool for cultural adaptation to climate change. By collaborating with a network of farmers and researchers, the project supports the emergence of new eating habits as means of conservation of the Lagoon’s landscape in times of rising sea levels.

Gaia Ginevra Giorgi

Gaia Ginevra Giorgi is a poet, sound-artist, dramaturg and performer. An artist and researcher transversally active in the field of performing arts, she develops practices and methodologies of investigation for an affective and political rewriting of the landscape (urban and otherwise). Through sound explorations and site-specific participatory devices, her interventions produce ephemeral habitats, spaces of embodied and radical imagination.

The lagoon / has the moon /between its legs / playing ball

Part of the cycle “Venice as a model for the future? - The lagoon / has the moon /between its legs / playing ball”.

"Venice as a model for the future” is a cycle of itinerant conversations, curated by Barbara Casavecchia and Pietro Consolandi and guided by activists, scientists, and guardians of this body of water and its inhabitants. This year's series, titled “The lagoon / has the moon / between its legs / playing ball” (again inspired by a poem by Etel Adnan), moves into the twilight and the silence of the night, exploring how humans and more than humans co-exist in Venice and its lagoon after dark.