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Photo from Cetaceans by Alex Cecchetti


Ocean Evening

Evening of performances, listening sessions and screenings in collaboration with Art Explora and LAS Art Foundation


Ocean Space
Admission fee
Free of charge

In collaboration with Art Explora and LAS foundation


Free participation without booking until maximum capacity is reached

Saturday, April 20, join us at Ocean Space for an evening of performances, listening sessions and screenings in collaboration with Art Explora and LAS Art Foundation.

The event is part of the “Ocean Weekend”, presented by the Art Explora Foundation and dedicated to the oceanic climate emergency, carried out in collaboration with UNOC, TBA21, LAS and UNESCO. Through panels between artists, researchers and scientists, open to the public, discussions will address issues linked to sea level rise, the aridity line, climate emergency, blue education.


  • 6:30 - 7:15pm - THIS IS NOT A DRILL | Latai Taumoepeau

Performance choreographed by Latai Taumoepeau and performed by local sports teams and community groups.

  • 7:30 - 8:30pm - Cetaceans | Alex Cecchetti

Performance by Alex Cecchetti with the cristalist Catherine Brisset and 8 singers. The concert/performance is conceived to accompany the public along a whole sleep cycle of one hour and a half, exploring dreams, dizziness, time lapses and lucid dreams, as states in which a different form of communication is produced. The music score is a hybrid composition in which music notation of choirs, holy music, poems and patterns of whale voices have been arranged together, intertwined, mixed and merged.

  • 8:45 - 9:45pm - Watery Thoughts | Radio Amnion e Josèfa Ntjam

Talk by Jol Thoms (Radio Amnion) and sound transmission by Josèfa Ntjam. In January 2022, Radio Amnion’s sonic platform transmitted artist Josèfa Ntjam’s audio invocation Watery Thoughts to the abyssal waters of the Pacific Ocean. In this talk, Jol Thoms discusses what it means to speak to and through the water, followed by a listening session of Ntjam’s sound work.

  • 10 - 10:30pm - Other Aspects of Reality | Androula Kafa

Live audiovisual performance that responds to the archive of Dimas Efthyvoulos (1924–2011), a Cypriot photographer whose practice sought to vindicate the animistic insights of Peruvian mestizo shamanism by capturing the spirits of the Amazonian rainforest.

  • 10:30 - 11:30pm - Closing Dj Set curated by 100__ve — expanded festival

Mousse Magazine & Publishing will be present with a pop-up bookstore as Ocean Space's Media Partner.


Latai Taumoepeau (b:1972 Gadigal Ngura (Sydney), Australia) makes live-art-work. Her faiva (body-centred practice) is from her homelands, the Island Kingdom of Tonga and her birthplace the Eora Nation. She mimicked, trained and un-learned dance, in multiple institutions of learning, beginning with her village, a suburban church hall, the club and a university. Her faiva (performing art) centres Tongan philosophies of relational vā (space and time); cross-pollinating ancient and everyday temporal practice to make visible the impact of climate crisis in the Pacific. Latai conducts urgent environmental movements and actions to assist transformation in Oceania.

Alex Cecchetti. Born in 1973, in Italy. Lives and works in Paris. Alex Cecchetti is an artist, poet, gardener, freediver and choreographer. In his work, he creates environments in which the spectators go beyond human experience. Invited to walk into a garden or dance like dervishes, to sleep at the sound of a human choir like whales, or walking up mountains in a path as a poem, the spectators are no longer defined to the role of the beholder.

Radio Amnion is an multi-year oceanic sound ritual initiated by artist Jol Thoms in 2020. Attached to the submerged 'P-ONE' neutrino telescope and the NEPTUNE oceanographic monitoring network, the sonic platform transmits artists invocations and intentions directly to the abyssal waters of the Pacific Ocean during each full moon. Artists compositions are quietly relayed through the 2.5km deep sculptural array 300 kms from the shore, and are translated into light pulses displayed across the telescopes' multi-cubic kilometre calibration system. At the time of the full moon these compositions from experimental musicians and artists are available to listen to on the website. For more info and to register for the lunar ritual, please see: https://radioamnion.net & @radio_amnion_ on Instagram. Radio Amnion is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Josèfa Ntjam is an artist, performer and writer whose practice combines sculpture, photomontage, moving image and sound. Collecting the raw material of her work from the internet, books on natural sciences and photographic archives, Ntjam uses assemblage — of images, words, sounds and stories — as a method to deconstruct the grand narratives underlying hegemonic discourses on origin, identity and race. Her work weaves multiple narratives drawn from historical events, science, philosophy, African mythology, ancestral rituals, religious symbolism and science fiction.

Androula Kafa (b. 1994, Limassol) is an artist and curator working primarily with sound, music, and live performance. She graduated in Philosophy (BA, MPhil) from University College London, focusing her research on topics in moral and philosophical psychology, particularly questions around intersubjectivity and self-awareness. Since 2019, she has been the director of The Island Club, a non-profit exhibition space in Limassol, where she curates and oversees exhibitions, performances and other live events, research and publishing projects, and festivals. Αs a music and sound artist, she works across composition, installation, live performance and meditation, exploring embodied, participatory practices that probe the healing and transformative potential of sonic experience.

100__ve - electronic music and beyond is an independent and non-profit festival focused on cultural promotion in music and art. 100__ve takes shape as an archipelago of experiences spread throughout the Italian and international territory; a project dedicated not only to avant-garde experimentation, but also to the constant search for new forms of aggregation and collectivity. Active since 2019, 100__ve has had the opportunity to collaborate with various artists and institutions such as: Stimulering Fonds (NL), Cappella Santa Maria dei Carcerati, Cinema Galleggiante, The Picnic Pavillion, Werkplaats Typografie (NL), T-mag, Sandberg Instituut (NL), VAP - Venice Art Projects, Fondazione Querini Stampalia and international artists such as Djrum, Batu, Upsammy & Sjoerd Martens, Elena Colombi, Mumdance, PINKMAN Records, E-Saggila, Demetrio Cecchitelli, Ciro Vitello, Anna Caragnano, Andrius Arutiunian, Abdul Qadim Haqq, Simo Cell, ZULI, Zohar, Afra, Nziria, EMMA DJ, Peder Mannerfelt and many others. 100__ve is curated by Nicolò Pellarin & Matteo Bergamo.