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Hight School Forest, Forgotten Language. North Coast Sumgilbar, Madang Papua New Guinea 12.12.2017 ( c ) Giulia Bruno, 2017 www.giuliabruno.com


In the Sign: Technology and Related Landscapes



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Reservations are required at the following link.



The third online training session of the year 2023/2024 of Ocean Schools invites teachers of all levels, educators, and cultural mediators to explore the multiple languages of contemporaneity and to observe the surrounding environment with a fresh perspective, alongside artist Giulia Bruno.

Giulia Bruno, an artist based in Berlin working with media languages, photography, and video, will be the guest speaker. She holds a Master's in Biology from the University of Milan, a Master's in Photography from CFP Bauer, and a Master's in Filmmaking from the Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti in Milan. Her work explores artificial and natural landscapes, addressing themes such as climate change, the relationship between life and science, pop culture, biodiversity, and language. Her works have been exhibited internationally, and in 2018, her artistic research on language as a technological act was selected for ArtReview's Future Greats.

The series of training sessions continues with a focus on the knowledge of the sea, languages of contemporaneity, and the relationship between art and science. After the introduction to key themes related to the marine world, the presentation of Sign Language, and non-verbal communication, the third session delves into the connection between visual signs and related landscapes. The invention of major technologies has redefined the world, accelerated images, created boundaries, and established a new system. Among the significant technological inventions that aim to describe the world, in addition to photography, there is language. Language is a technological act that, by encoding itself, contributes to how we represent the world around us and becomes constitutive of our being.

In the educational journey of Ocean The Sign, the linguistic and visual "sign" will be the medium to look at the environment with new eyes and read its infinite relationships.


The meeting is reserved for teaching staff of all levels, educators, and cultural mediators.

Participation is free with registration required at the following link.

The meeting will be held online via Zoom. The link to join the training meeting will be sent to participants via email on Wednesday, November 22.