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Native Gaze: Reading Oceania - Day 2



Ocean Space
Admission fee
Free of charge

Event hosted and spearheaded by Sēini SistaNative Taumoepeau

Join us at Ocean Space together with Seini SistaNative Taumoepeau for a two days event with readings, reflections and talks, to discover the knowledge and worldviews of the Indigenous Oceanic people.

NATIVE GAZE: Reading Oceania has a First Nations focus with a re-indigenising and decolonial lens. Hosted and spearheaded by Sēini SistaNative Taumoepeau - sourcing Indigenous Oceanic knowledges.

"We mark time together in the here and now, in our communion we confront our collective Indigenous vanishing by sourcing Oceanic knowledges in various forms: poetry, song, academic papers, articles, performance, artworks & other samples.

As a TAPU space (sacred, secret, forbidden) NATIVE GAZE: Reading Oceania exists as a praxis of Oceanic cosmology. Like language, it is a practice and a people which rose as a more pronounced navigational tool was required for our creative community. It became our bespoke navigational social technology – a ritualistic organisation of the ordinary in order to inspire, enhance and unleash the extra-ordinary in ourselves.

A contemporary, ritualistic practice for nourishment. From a think tank collective of Oceanic artists who take refuge in the practice of developing OceaniaX: the explorative art of Oceanic talk, enacting design & non-design towards collective self-determination beyond survival, in the face of climate change, globalised cultures & pending human extinction events.

NATIVE GAZE: Reading Oceania exists as the horizon between the private and the public, swaying in the inter-sections of intimacy and the cosmological, between the loungeroom, the footpath & the stage.

With a “One-of-Many Methodology” and a “come-as-you-are” philosophical influence from both hip hop culture and Oceania, we give access to a full spectrum of experiences and shared sense-making embodying our solidarity by feasting on wisdom together. All Welcome!" –Seini SistaNative Taumoepeau

**Featuring sound design elements by Saia Tu’itahi.

Mousse Magazine & Publishing will be present with a pop-up bookstore as Ocean Space's Media Partner.