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Dear Ocean Friends



Ocean Space
Admission fee
Free of charge

Co-curated by the ARKO Art Center (Arts Council Korea) and Juhyun Cho


To participate on Wednesday 26 June book at this link, for the afternoon of Thursday 27 June book at this link.

On Wednesday, June 26, Ocean Space hosts part of the program of “Dear Ocean Friends”, a 2-days hybrid public program presented in the form of a lecture performance co-curated by the ARKO Art Center (Arts Council Korea) and Juhyun Cho.

This public program encompasses pre-recorded presentations and live performances, on-site lectures and talks, creating a platform for public discourse on pressing issues concerning Venice.

“Dear Ocean Friends” aligns with the main agenda of the 30th Anniversary Exhibition Celebrating the Korean Pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale, titled Every Island is a Mountain, and will feature participation from researchers, artists and activists from Seoul, Venice, and around the globe.

Wednesday, June 26 at Ocean Space

Monsoon Futurism – (Post) Anthropocene Asian Futurism

This section explores Asian Futurism in the (Post) Anthropocene Era, which revolves around a cultural narrative centered on the "Monsoon Climate Zone" impacting both the terrestrial and marine environments of Asia. We seek to examine cultural texts from the 20th and 21st centuries originating from Asian Pacific, and Indian Ocean communities, emphasizing "Ocean thinking", and endeavor to discover hybrid and blended narratives through interconnected relationships.

We aim to engage cultural sociologists and Asian artists who have delved into the multi-layered history of multinational oceans, especially amidst the various crises that the Earth faced in the 2020s due to extensive deregulation and globalization, which profoundly affected Asia. Ultimately, "Monsoon Futurism" strives to forecast crisis perception and foster a resilient society in Asia capable of coexisting with disaster risks.


(Pre-recorded) Lecture Performance: Chih-Chung Chang Monsoon Northwards

Lecture: Young-Gyung Paik In Search of Life, Repair, and Peace: The Story of the Korean Ocean in the Age of Anthropocene

(Pre-recorded) Talks: Markus Reymann Navigating Oceania: Programs Built on Relations

Lecture: Ute Meta Bauer Climate Crisis and Cultural Loss

Screening: ikkibawiKrrr Seaweed Story

Discussion: Young-Gyung Paik, Ute Meta Bauer, Jieun Cho (ikkibawiKrrr) - moderated by Juhyun Cho

Thursday, June 27 at Palazzo di Malta - Ordine di Malta

(Post) Anthropocene Institutions - Is Another World Possible?

The second section aims to explore the role of art institutions in addressing challenges such as climate change, inequality, and social justice. It begins by examining the rapid progression of world forest fires and marine ecosystem changes caused by rising sea levels within the context of the "heat dome", and how this current situation has impacted the Biennale's framework. Initially, we will review case studies from various regional biennials and contemplate the future of the Venice Biennale, which confronts ecological crises due to rising sea levels.

The program is designed to analyze the natural and inherent limitations of climate-related behaviors within museums and art galleries. Furthermore, it seeks to investigate the emergence of "(Post) Anthropocene art institutions" as critical components of museum studies, challenging the conventional paradigms of existing art institutions.


Screening: DESIGN EARTH, Elephant in the Room (Narrated by Donna J. Haraway)

Lecture: Colin Sterling Museum Planet: Marking Time in the Anthropocene Event

Presentation: Eleonora Sovrani Exploring the Living City

Presentation: Joasia Krysa New Directions May Emerge

(Pre-recorded) Talks: Philippe Pirotte & Vera Mey, Jade Keunhye Lim Seeing in the Dark: Exploring Alternative Enlightenment through the Biennale

Discussion: Jade Keunhye Lim, Joasia Krysa, Eleonora Sovrani, Colin Sterling - moderated by Juhyun Cho

Arko Art Center will offer eco bags and magnets as gifts to visitors. A small aperitif will be served during the two days.